Wednesday, December 5, 2012

     This blog is designed to be a safe-haven for beard lovers and enthusiasts of all kinds. People who are enthralled with facial hair tend to be drawn to common meeting places and I want this to be one. Here you will find links to different websites ranging from beard/facial hair history, grooming tips and even contests for you and your manly face-fashion.

     The Magnificent Beard documentary was a piece I created that was intended to be a personal, intimate look into the minds of men and their glorious facial chalices. Here are a few of those men and a brief bio about who they are...
Josh Maxwell
Beard Enthusiast and Amateur Historian
Bearded for 6 years


Nathan Hoefert
Beard Admirer
Beardless for Life
Andrew Haste
Beard Connoisseur
Bearded for 3 years 
     Links To Beard History

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